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4083 37th St N, Fargo, ND office

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Land Development

RLN Business Park, LLC is a company with an office just a couple miles east of Reiles Acres at 4083 37th St N, Fargo, ND.  

Reiles 9th Addition was corn and bean farmland up until we laid the infrastructure of this spacious neighborhood.  When you inquire on these lots, you will be connecting to the developer directly.  I am happy to answer questions on the development.  Once you have chosen the lot that is right for your building plans, I will prepare purchase contracts with you and arrange the closings on these "for sale by owner" parcels.  

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Feel free to contact me to explore the lots available.


How likely are you to suggest someone to build in Reiles Acres?

  • Very likely because of the quality of homes and the lot amenities (water, sewer, electricity, natural gas),

  • Very likely because of the parks and outdoor life and the size of parcels

  • Very likely because of the reasonable ordinances to adhere to

What do you like about your choice to build in Reiles Acres?

  • Lower taxes and lack of specials
  • I like the neighborhood. It has a sort of small town feel to it. And the fact that we can call city leadership when we need feedback is very helpful. 
  •  "Close to Fargo, but feels like small town.  Lower taxes, but still have several valuable city amenities (snow removal, parks, etc).  Medical protection is very good from Harwood Fire & Rescue. " 
  • Close to my business & easy to get onto interstate
  • Great snow removal crew & good care of lots not built on yet.